Stranger Things Have Happened

I swear I saw Jude Law today.

Either that, or I’m in serious need of a new pair of glasses. *blinks*

I was standing behind the cafe counter at work today, minding my own business, doing what I had to do when I caught a glimpse of him sitting at the back table by the window. I stared at him in that obviously un-obvious way women have sometimes. Where we turn our heads quick and pretend not to be looking. But I was. Hard. Could you blame me? I had to be sure! It didn’t make sense to me that Jude Law would suddenly be in our little cafe having coffee and enjoying an afternoon with his buddy and his laptop. Doesn’t he live in England, anyway?

I’m sure I made him seriously uncomfortable, although he didn’t look back up at me (the doll).

I turned my head and looked at him a good three times before his face sort of… hmm… what’s the word I’m looking for… morphed?… into a normal person’s face. He wore glasses and had a pleasant smile. But unfortunately, he was no Jude Law. *heavy sigh*
No, this was not all a dream. And I swear, I haven’t done opium today.

I blame the dreary weather and my overactive, bored imagination. I’d had writer’s block on my main WIP for over a week now, one particular scene giving me serious trouble. After my encounter with imaginary Jude Law, the scene sort of just clicked into place. Amazing, isn’t it? I think the muse was just looking for something inspiring. 😉

Now, just cause we’re on the topic, if you haven’t seen The Holiday, see it. Like tonight. Forget that it’s just the most cliched kind of chic flick. There is no hero more genuine (and utterly delectable) than Jude Law’s character, Graham. And Jack Black= love. The man makes me laugh and I adore him for it.

Enjoy the clip! Hope it stirs the muse.

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