Let The Rain Fall Down

Another day of downpours and thunder, although today seems to be more of a touch and go. Rainy one minute, calm the next. I feel like I’m in Florida. 😉 (wishful thinking)

I spent the day at work where I came across a young woman straight out of a sitcom. I swear I’ve never seen someone more stereotypical in my entire life. She WAS Suzanne Summers character in Three’s Company.

Remember Chrissy?

I kid you not. This girl had long, blonde hair and she wore it kind of big, lots of volume and waves. It was in a messy side ponytail and I swear to goodness, she actually twirled her hair while she ordered her sandwich. I just blinked and stared at her because I kept telling myself it wasn’t real. It had to be some twisted figment of my character driven imagination, right? Ha ha. But, she gave me a blank look, blinked her own lashes, and pouted a bit. I nearly laughed out loud. I couldn’t have written her better if she HAD come from my imagination.

*happy sigh* It’s days like this I love my job. The things I see are enough to inspire characters for the rest of my life.

Speaking of which… some of my pre-existing characters are giving me major grief and facing the possibility of extinction if they don’t cooperate. *shrugs* Just saying.

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