My Hubby The Hero

Try and picture this:

I was at work, going about my business, making lattes and iced coffees for a hectic, hungry crowd. The cafe was quickly becoming a disaster area, with chocolate, frappuccino mix, coffee, and other miscellaneous food objects scattered or broken into crumbs all over the counters. Yea, not a pretty sight. When it gets busy, there just isn’t enough time to clean up after yourself. I made a mental note to get back to it. Meanwhile, the girl at the register is sliding marked cups my way. One. Two. Three. Oy.

Anyway, amidst this madness, one of my managers comes up to the swinging cafe doors and smiles. There’s a man next to him that I don’t recognize.

“Here she is,” my manager says.

I angle the milk pitcher so the steam wand can make the milk more foamy. The strange man smiles. I stare at them both, not quite sure what’s going on.

He’s holding these:

“Are those flowers?”, I ask. (Thank you, Captain Obvious).

Of course, I can tell from the grin on one of my favorite people’s face (YES, YOU LISA… ha ha, if you’re reading ^_^ ) that this is a really great thing that’s happening here. It takes a few seconds for it to register, but when it finally does, OMG. *melts*

It’s hubby and I’s fourth wedding anniversary. Four years. Holy moly. I remember JUST having an anniversary and asking you guys for suggestions on what to do! Time sure does fly, doesn’t it?

This year, I got him a gift he’s actually been wanting for a while, which was nice. He almost never asks for anything so he’s impossible to shop for. I wrapped it up and got him a card that sings “You’re Still The One” by Shania Twain. Good stuff.

He hasn’t dropped not ONE hint about what he’s gotten me, though he’s vaguely mentioned needing wrapping paper. *squee!* But the flowers were so unexpected that I kind of fell in love with him all over again. They totally made my day. 🙂

And just to prove what a bubblegum romantic he is, the card that came with the flowers read simply: Happy Anniversary My Love.

*sighs* Happiness.

I have a lot I have to get done today to prepare to go off on our trip tomorrow. I’m headed to a time share in New Hampshire to celebrate and get some much needed R&R. I plan to swim, jog, sleep late, cook hearty, complex meals that take more than 20 minutes to prepare, go to the movies, read a great book (or 3), and write!!!!! I’m bringing Sony Vaio with me on this trip and hopefully he’ll prove handy dandy.

So I have to clean house, pack, put together a few lists of things to do tomorrow to avoid the classic Home Alone departure scene (aka chickens with their heads cut off), and I have to get it all done tonight. -_- That’s what I get for procrastinating.

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