Blogging Live From NH!

Hey Bloggers!

It’s 11:36pm and I’m coming to you live from Bartlett, New Hampshire! I’m exhausted. The drive was five and a half hours long and we didn’t leave until 4pm due to my obsessive cleaning habits. Ha ha. I hate coming home to a dirty house. It ruins the entire vacation experience. So I spent all of today cleaning. I scrubbed the bathroom, made up my bed, finished packing, folded and put away laundry, did dishes, and made arrangements for El Gato to be taken care of and fed while I’m gone.

The drive wasn’t as bad as you’d imagine. Vermont/New Hampshire scenery is gorgeous. Green fields, mountains, trees, little lakes and bridges and an occassional horse pasture (which I *squeed* at like a six year old) ^_^. Hubby and I stopped at a rest stop for milkshakes and jammed to the endless array of random musical goodness coming from my mp3 player.

We finally got to the actual resort at about 10pm. I’ve been unpacking the suitcases and making the place livable. I like to have all my stuff in the drawers and the closet for easy access. Living out of suitcases is a miserable experience. I know… I’ve done it. It totally helps that the place is gorgeous. We have a studio room, which looks something like this:

It has a gas fireplace, one of those neat pull down beds that I’ve only ever seen on Who Framed Roger Rabbit, a full kitchen and a jaccuzzi tub in the bathroom! I absolutely plan to make a few fancy anniverary dinners, including shrimp scampi, lasagna, traditional spanish rice and beans and fried chicken, and maybe a vegetarian lo mein. 🙂 The rest of the days we’re going to hit up the local restaurant. I’m particularly looking forward to breakfast there tomorrow! Eggs, bacon, coffee! YAY! An entire week in this place! Can you believe it? I’m beyond psyched.

This place is chock full of things to do. Tennis, pool tables, arcades, indoor/outdoor pools, water tubing, hiking, etc. So it’ll be a busy week. Plus, we plan to workout every day. Think I’ll lose a pound or two? *snorts* Chyea, ok. Not while I’m eating the way I plan to eat. Ha ha.

I’ll be posting pictures from day to day. There’s free wi-fi but the connection is a bit weak so forgive me if I end up posting late.

Happy Friday to all! See you throughout the week!

2 responses to “Blogging Live From NH!

  1. Hope you have woken up totally relax today! 🙂 Chica, the place looks fabulous. Makes me green with envy. Hahaha! Have a great week! Oh, and have some margaritas for me!

  2. Tempest! I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve seen you darling. Yes, I did wake up relaxed. It’s hard not to in these parts. It’s beautiful and I’m having a great time. 🙂

    Next time, I’ll try and kidnap you and we’ll vacation together. Hubby was talking about doing a timeshare in PR! 😀

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