Finding My Balance

Funny, the things that strike inspiration in us.

Today began like many other days have on this vacation. I woke up semi-late (10am), worked out at the gym, showered, and prepared for a massage appointment CBear set up for us. 1 hour Swedish Massage= heaven. I must have been much more tense than I realized because when the lady pressed into my shoulders and the back of my neck, it just about knocked me out. I was practically limp the entire time she worked. Which is awesome. I felt rubbery and fabulous when it was over. This weird tick I’ve had in my eye the past week disappeared for a few hours and I’m pretty certain it has to do with my stress levels getting too high. *makes mental note* No more letting myself get that way. It’s not cute to talk to someone and have them think you’re hitting on them cause you keep winking. ^_^

After the massage we hit the supermarket for a few last minute things and wouldn’t you know, they had a power surge that kept us in line for a good 30 minutes. It would have made me cranky except they passed out cookies and the lady behind me was really sweet and we talked for a while about a slew of weird, unrelated things. Then, when she finally decided it was time to head out (it was her parents’ anniversary and she had only wanted flowers), hubby and I followed suit and hit up Walmart instead. Good thing. We paid half what we would have at the supermarket.

Anyway, on the ride home, I was struck by a sudden little voice in my head. It spoke to me and created a very familiar picture. I stared out the window at the never ending expanse of greenery and mountains and listened. Well… I’ll be damned. It was my YA fantasy story talking to me. And it was re-narrating the first chapter.

Now, I’ve been working on editing that bad boy for a while and having some serious trouble with it. Mostly because I did wayyy too much telling and when I tried to cut it down it sounded stilted and forced. So I’ve given it some breathing room. There are times when a trial separation does wonders. This would be one of those times.

I’m taking my notebook, going by the pool, and going to give this rewritten opening a shot, see what happens. Who knows? I did spend about twenty minutes at Borders yesterday reading through first pages of a bunch of fantasy novels. Maybe something stuck?! Ha ha. That’d be nice. Or maybe it’s just the no pressure atmosphere up here that’s helped open up the creative floodgates. Either way, I’m not complaining. 😉

I had some really great video to show you guys. Did a little tour of our place. Unfortunately, I have NO clue how to upload it. I took it on my phone, sent it to my album and now it won’t play. 😦 Gah. BUT… here are a few pictures you might like. This will give you a good idea just how peaceful this place is.

It’s originally a ski village. Obviously, in the summer, they get a different kind of crowd. More families, kids, bikers (here on a convention of sorts, ha ha). There’s huge hills and ginormous green trees.

This is right on the property. The Conway Trolley goes by our window in the mornings at about 11:30am. Close enough so that we can see the people inside. I’ll try and take a photo of them tomorrow. 🙂

That’s the park down the street from our building. I love the huge wooden moose. Down the main stretch of highway there are Moose Crossing signs. As a girl from a decent sized city, I love stuff like that. I tried to get a photo of the outdoor pool but there were lots of parents and kids and I didn’t want to look all creepy stalkerish. So I’ll wait until it’s a little more dead in there. Ha ha. Just in case.

So yea. All in all, pretty good stuff.

What are you all up to this Tuesday? Being good, I hope.

2 responses to “Finding My Balance

  1. There’s something about being away from your regular place and routine that opens up the creative flow–I love it! BTW, that photo of the railway tracks looks like it’s right out of “Stand By Me.”

    Enjoy yourself!!

  2. I’m so happy you and the hubby are doing good and enjoying the vaca! I love it when ideas flow easy or when a rewrite just pops in and does all the hard work 😉
    Enjoy the rest of the vacation!

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