The Thing About Wifi Is…

… it’s not always very reliable. Which is why (despite my best efforts) I could not make my way online last night. I spent the day doing nothing but lounging by the pool. It was our first day of full on sun and heat! It’s been rain and thunderstorms all week long so you know how psyched I was to wake up to sunshine. I think I may have actually yelped and jumped out of bed. But really, can you blame me?  ^_^

I did however make one major mishap. Forgot sunscreen. I brought some tanning oil stuff but the sun was really beaming. So I am now sporting some sunburn. *sigh* I know. I want to slap myself.

In the end, yesterday was a good time. I felt exhausted and sore after a day of swimming. Plus the sunburn made me majorly sleepy. Hubby rented HotRod with Andy Sandberg from SNL and we laughed a good bit before we both passed out.

The meal of the night was Lasagna with garlic bread and spinach salad. The lighting, as usual is terrible, due to my camera phone. But… it plated nicely so I took the picture anyway. 😉

 I don’t think I realized how much I missed cooking real meals until this week. I think I’ll set up a weekly food chart when I get home so I can cook large meals that last us the week rather than quick 10 minute meals composed of mostly grilled veggies and some sort of meat. Eating real homecooked food was a nice treat.

We’re headed home tomorrow morning. I’ve got my handy dandy laptop and my notebook so I can do edits (which I just got back today, last round I believe!) and I can work on that new opening for my YA fantasy. By tomorrow evening I’ll be back home. *sigh* What a week!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday and if I don’t see you tomorrow, start your weekend off with a bang!

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