Everything… and nothing at all

I regret to inform you, there CAN be too much of a good thing. If I have to eat another popsicle, I might stab someone with it. After about 8 a day, they leave a very sugary after taste in the back of your throat that only a good glass of water can cure. Thankfully, I had my first real glass of water yesterday, after 4 days without. OH MAN. It was the sweetest, most wonderful thing in the world. Who knew how much I’d miss water if I couldn’t have it? No more. No one was saying I couldn’t have it but me. Sometimes, you have to just take charge and convince yourself that you’re in charge of your own body.

That’s exactly what I did. After work, I was famished in ways that actually embarass me now that I think about it. I got in the car, slammed the door, looked at my husband and demanded we go to Subway.

– But, I thought your stomach was still really upset – he said.

*glare* My response?

– I am starving.  I want a sub with chicken and protein and things that make me happy or I am going to scream. So let’s go to Subway and I will eat a sandwich if it kills me.

Of course, he laughed and then said something about how sexy I was when I was all angry and flustered. I glared a little more, but it did at least make me laugh.

Can I just say the sub was heavenly? I don’t think I’ve had anything that good in ages. Or maybe I was just THAT hungry. 😉

Oh, and side note/mini rant:

Why bother with Twitter if the texting option just won’t work for me? I’ve tried connecting my phone to it like 5 times and it won’t work! Gah!

Anyway, here’s to hoping I find constructive things to do this weekend. Like clean and read. I’m running a Twilight book club at my B&N store tomorrow which should be fun. Maybe it’ll inspire my writing again which has hit the slumps something fierce. *sigh*


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