Almost News

So I have some exciting news but I can’t really tell you right now. But I want to. Ohhhhhh, I want to so badly. Soon! I promise!

In the meantime, this heat is making it really hard to write. Which sucks because I was making real progress on two of my projects. (I don’t know why I write simultaneously. I think I have a death wish.)  I’m stuck on both, I open them occassionally, go over the events in my head, and even though I kind of want to write, I end up just sighing and closing it again. We’ll have to see if I can remedy that shortly.

At work, there’s a lot of preparation going into Stephenie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn release. Which I’m psyched about. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. We’re having a midnight release party, there’s going to be costumes and games, and I’m helping run the book clubs every weekend until the release to get people pumped up.

It’s funny, I’m so used to talking and trying to get people excited about my books, with marketing and promotion and such, that I forgot a bit how much fun it is to discuss someone else’s world and characters.I’d love for people to be that excited over books I’ve written. It really is a magical thing to make that sort of connection with readers. It’s great to see.

I’m also anxiously awaiting the premiere of the official movie trailer tonight on Entertainment Tonight!  That’s going to be AWESOME!


Anyway, time for lunch. I’m chowing on a Ceasar salad today. Yummm…

2 responses to “Almost News

  1. What no hint? No hey this might be happening but wait for it? *pouts* Aw well I guess i have to wait like everyone else. It sounds fabulous!! *fingers crossed*

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