Two Can Keep a Secret…

if one of them is dead.

The thing about secrets is they divide people. They cause riffs, misunderstandings, people jumping to conclusions because they don’t have all the facts. Which is one reason why I hate them. But at the same time, secrets serve as a protection, whether it be for yourself or pertaining to someone you love.

So why is it so hard to keep a secret? Sometimes for good reasons. Because they’re exciting, because they’re nerve wrecking, because you want to shout it from the rooftops.

Other times, the reasons aren’t quite as good. Because you’re afraid, because you’re not sure it’s the right time, because there are other people affected by your secret.

So what do you do when you have to keep one? Especially when you know that just telling it would explain so much to so many people who are completely misunderstanding you?

4 responses to “Two Can Keep a Secret…

  1. I’m assuming you’re taking about those serious, potentially hurtful -humiliating – harmful -devastating to whoever told you if the word leaked? Secrets about sickness, etc. I hate those kinds of secrets, and would prefer it friends never told me in the first place. On the other hand, I know they come to me out of trust when they tell me secrets like that. Those kinds of secrets are never hard to keep, because you’d never want to hurt that person. But, they do tend to gnaw on you when you have to hold onto them for years and years.

    Then there are the secrets that would hurt someone else if whatever the teller told you got out. Those secrets are rarely ever worth keeping. I toss the backstabbing co-worker and cheating couples secrets into that stack. It’s hard to do, but sometimes when faced with these kinds of secrets you have to tell friends to handle their business and leave you out of it. As unpleasant as the secret might be, some things would settle a lot faster if the person telling the secret would just handle the situation from the beginning, anyway. Am I making any sense?

    At any rate, I hope you’re not being faced with either of these – and big hugs, if you are. :S

  2. Well, gee, I see now that YOU are the one with the secret, and not that someone else told you one of those life-altering ones. 😛

    Isabelle, whatever it is, I’m sure your family will be there and help you through no matter what.((hugs))

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