I have brought everyone down on this blog long enough. I beg your pardon my faithful bloggers. That was never my intention. Life tends to completely overwhelm me at times. I had a pretty icky day, except for the random almost building of a cardboard fort at work. It lasted all of ten minutes, but strangely enough it made me so happy! Ha ha. I totally see why kids get so excited about them.

I spent the evening watching one of my fave shows: So You Think You Can Dance. One of last night’s performances reminded me of why I absolutely want to be a dancer so badly. Maybe in my next life?

The part I love best? When she’s slamming her body against the door! I don’t know why,  but I absolutely see myself doing that. Plus the song is catchy as all get out. Sooo good. Thankfully, they both were safe tonight.

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