The be all and end all of super heroes, action movies, buzzworthy projects, and celebrities. And man, I wish I was there. Another reason I HAVE to get myself out to California at some point or another.

Twilight (the movie) seems to have been a huge hit. Their panel pulled in a large audience and the actors were well received by the public. Unfortunately, I’m not too certain why the press seems to hate them so much. Many of the blog articles I read about the event seemed to think them (the actors) full of themselves and awkward, and felt the buzz is overrated.

I don’t know. I happened to have seen a few videos and think they did what they were supposed to: catered to the crowd, amused them, and answered a few questions for a few rabid fangirls. *shrugs* Ha ha.

It’s still fascinating to see how this is growing. It started as the little movie that could and is now one of the most anticipated movies of the year. Not to mention with Breaking Dawn coming out in just 5 days! (squee!!!!!!!!)

Amazing. Can you authors out there imagine what this kind of fame must be like? Mind blowing, really.

2 responses to “Comic-Con

  1. Well… I do comment on that a teense in my blog/LJ. Might enlighten some who don’t know Comic Con the way I do.

    Can’t wait to hear how the release party went, though! I’d tell you to call me the minute you finish the book, but… I don’t know when I’m buying it.


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