When It's Over

Authors are returning to real life after RWA. They’re all pumped with awards, workshop advice, meeting new authors, editors and agents, and wanting to get right to work! I’ve been on the other end of the spectrum. All week long my job was gearing up for Breaking Dawn. The closer it got the more we grew anxious. Would it really be as big a party as we suspected? Well, it was no Harry Potter… but I must say, it came a close second.

I started work at 8pm, confused to find the place rather empty.I helped set up the cafe and such. We had more baked goods than we had room for and we had the Frappuccino blenders ready. I went in costume because I’m a geek. I wore a bear mask and brown clothes, did up my eyes and wore my hair 80s curly. I tried to get my hands on a blank nametag so that I could write irritable grizzly on it, but eh, they only had Team Edward ones. *bah to that*

By ten the place looked more like a high school than a bookstore. Teeny boppers in every corner you could imagine. They had on homemade shirts, glitter, prom dresses, pale faces, hand crafted jeans, the works. Whatever you could imagine, they did, and quite creatively. They had an exciting buzz going through them which got us kind of pumped as well, despite the late hour.

All in all, the event went smoothly. We sold more Caramel Frappuccinos than I ever care to see again. Then again, we had a hot drink/cold drink (Jacob/Edward) competition going on, and I swear they rigged it so Edward would win. 😉 But I digress.

Once midnight struck, the place grew strangely quiet. I walked to the back only find kids sitting in the aisles, their books open. I got a strange sense of pride at that moment. To see so many kids reading is such a relief. Maybe there’s hope for the youth of America after all.

Now that it’s died down, I managed to sit and read my own copy (we all know I pre-ordered it). As with most of Ms. Meyer’s books, I found the opening a little slow, but by the middle, I was a complete goner. Unfortunately, I was a little spoiled, (I then proceeded to boycott LiveJournal for a week), but even as I read, a lot of the events were pretty predictable. The thing that made it all worth my while, book 2.  For those of you who read it, you know exactly what I mean. How refreshing. Even if I didn’t all together like the outcome, I would have bought the book just for that. 😉

So that’s where I’m at now. Trying to settle back into ‘real’ retail world. Sales are getting back to normal after a ‘Christmas-like’ weekend. Next up, Brisingr. Anyone big fans of Paolini?

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