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I found this at Nephele Tempest’s LJ blog (awesome agent with The Knight Agency). I thought it was worth a nod for those interested. I read and wrote fanfiction for about 4 years so I’m curious to hear what you all think on the subject:

Over at [info]sartorias‘s LJ, there is an intriguing discussion going on about the nature of fiction that is not fanfic in the more traditional sense but still responds to or engages with other work in some way. Sherwood points out that there used to be entire branches of literature that fell into this category, including early Arthuriana and stories set in Barsetshire. Today you only have to look at the huge number of vampire stories that are available.

If you want to look outside the story medium at a broader spectrum of writing, she notes that rap music is very much a community of work that responds to itself, and I’d like to throw in the plays of Shakespeare, which were very much based on earlier stories, legends, etc. And Shakespeare, of course, has spawned his own type of acceptable fanfic in our current culture, as has Jane Austen to an even greater degree.

As of right now the discussion just seems to be starting, but I suspect will continue to grow as more people add their ideas. What do you think? At what point does a piece of writing stop merely being inspired by other work around it and start to inch more toward an acceptable type of fanfic?

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