Away Message

Hello everyone and happy weekend.

I hope when you read this you find yourselves in great health and happy. I’m glad to announce the cover to my new contracted story is just about finished! *squee* That’s always good news. The edits however, are taking me a lifetime, mostly because of my inability to concentrate. Ginko anyone?

I’m letting you all know I’m headed out of town. Not sure if there’s going to be wi-fi available but *crosses fingers*. A girl can certainly dream.  I plan to catch up on much needed sleep and work while away from the daily distractions of home.

I hope you all have a great week!


7 responses to “Away Message

  1. Hey girl! I hope all is well. CALL ME! Or I”m calling you tonight. It’s my night off. I hope your vacation is going great. We all need that down time.

    Love you and HUGS.


  2. Hey lady, just dropping by to tell you I’m thinking about you. Hope you’re doing well. If you get bored or something, drop me an email. ((big hugs))

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