Slowly, but surely.

I’m about 15 pages into edits for my non traditional paranormal piece. I completely overuse the word ‘feel’ in 1st person narrative. It’s probably why I don’t use it that often. I fall into my character’s speech patterns and forget that it still has to be ‘narrated’.

I also started looking at my YA fantasy. My baby. My love. *sigh* I still adore those characters and I don’t like them sitting on their bums when they could be out seeing the world. My first 3 chapters are making me crazy. They ‘feel’ right, but I’ve had several people tell me they’re far too heavy handed. I’ve considered changing them, making them more immediate, but I’m afraid of losing some of the world building necessary. I’m willing to add scenes to flesh out the world further along, but I think that will require cutting some of what I have that doesn’t work. I just don’t know WHAT to cut. *pulls hair*

Maybe I’ll look at it again tomorrow.


*fangirl squee* Leo and Kate Winslet are doing another movie together. I’m in heaven.

One response to “Working

  1. I’m glad someone is working. Seriously. I’m over here visiting and procrastinating. I know I should be working on my contemporary but…gah. I’m so ready to send this story packing. :S

    Hope you’re feeling well, lady!

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