Release Day!!!!

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday and of course, Happy Release Day!

Cinematic Royalty

Charles Witmore is used to celebrities. As owner of the grand Winmont Hotel in Los Angeles, he has seen them come and go more times than he can count. But the experience is altogether different when silver screen starlet Bridget Phillips walks into his life and crashes into his heart. He’s absolutely starstruck. Her beauty is exactly as majestic as has been rumored, but he wonders about the many claims laid against the woman, who seems to be so shrouded in mystery.

Initially claimed by prejudice, he sees nothing more than the ice princess she presents, beautiful and stone cold. But, the more time she spends at his hotel, the more he begins to see there is more to her facade than meets the eye. Soon, she becomes the object of his affection, and in an amusing ploy, his two best friends, Betty and Eleanor, and his cute assistant Tessa, set up the matchmaking scheme of a lifetime.

But will Bridget’s dark secret keep Charles from his happily ever after?

Dark Hollywood Nights

Alexis Grant’s only job is to keep the prestigious Winmont Hotel running smoothly while her cousin, Charles Witmore, enjoys his honeymoon. The only problem: things begin to fall apart the moment he leaves. The pompous Chase Branton, who’s determined to get access to one of her off limits celebrity clients, doesn’t help.

Can she keep it together long enough to earn a managerial position of her own, or will a high profile death cause all of her dreams to shatter?

Available Now at: Freya’s Bower

It can also be ordered into your local bookstore or from! Insane, isn’t it?! I’m so excited!!!

You’ve all heard me talk about Cinematic Royalty. How inspired I was by the fashions, the time period, the elegance, the manners!

Dark Hollywood Nights was different. I wanted to do something that still felt light and fun, but that changed the dynamic entirely. Hence, the comedic murder mystery. You may see a lot of film noir cliches. They’re meant to be silly. 😉 I’m a HUGE fan of the movie Clue, which you might also notice when you read the book!

Another bonus? Dark Hollywood Nights is exclusive to this print edition of Cinematic Royalty! It will not be available as an e-book! So jump aboard! It’s supposed to be a good old time with a few surprises thrown in the mix. I had a lot of fun with these characters. And look out for cameos of some familiar characters from Cinematic! 😀

And now, I leave you with a fun excerpt:

“Miss Pickens?” She knocked again. “I have your lunch available. I’m really sorry I’m late.”

No response. Chase reached across the cart. His hands grazed the skin of Miss Grant’s neck. Soft, smooth skin, like snow-white velvet. His fingers lingered.

“What are you doing?” she asked, her voice tight with panic.

“Making sure she’s in the room.” He removed the long chain with the heavy set of keys from her neck.

She stared at him, wide eyed. “You can’t just walk in.”

“It’s room service. Of course you can walk in.” He rummaged through the keys until he found one that looked like a master key. “Besides, you knocked. She didn’t answer.”

He turned the key, clicked the tab of the handle, and stepped inside. The door slid open, revealing a small foyer and three steps that led into the main suite.

“Miss Pickens,” Miss Grant called out.

There was no trace of panic in her voice. It came out light, musical, carefree. Interesting, he thought to himself. That kind of control was impressive. She left the cart near the door and rushed toward the steps. Chase caught the scent a minute too late. A rusty, foul metallic scent that put him on alert.

“Wait, Miss Grant, wait!”

She stopped short at the top stair. Her face blanched. Her words bled into an unintelligible concoction. Chase rushed to stand beside her. The sight verified his suspicion. A voluptuous female body lay sprawled on the ground. Her crimson blood seeped into the sandy brown carpet.

“Valerie Price,” he said.

Alexis Grant fainted.

Anyone interested in Cinematic Royalty bookmarks, drop me a line and I’ll get them out to you ASAP!

Happy release day!

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