So, in the last two days I have:

  1. Finished the first round of edits on my contracted story.
  2. Finished the clean-up/formatting on my romantic fantasy (which is ready- and eager- to see the world).
  3. Written a kick butt synopsis and query letter (if not kick butt, at least clean, sharp, and professional).
  4. Sent said query letter out to an agent.
  5. And somehow gotten a full night’s rest.

Though, don’t be fooled, I still feel exhausted. I think my productivity, though awesome, is wearing thin on baby bump. Which means tomorrow, I get to sleep in and lounge. Work on book 2 of the fantasy series by means of plotting and scene fixes. Light stuff. Saturday and Sunday I have somewhere to be. So by Monday, I should be back in full work mode. Not bad.

Tonight, I shall treat myself to ice cream and The Office. Because I can. 😉

One response to “Wow

  1. Awesome progress, chica! I’ve been a lazy bum. LOL.
    Well, I have been uber busy with life and other things that totally wreck my writing stride. Le Sigh.

    But good on ya for sticking with it and getting so far along. ((hugs))

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