Why Do My Characters Do This To Me?

For starters, I don’t think I realized just how much I love what’s considered “New Age” music until this afternoon. I was playing all sorts of stuff through my laptop and none of it was really doing the trick. I was getting frustrated and flustered and the silence alone would have driven me crazy. So I went looking for Rhapsody, which has a TON of free, no-ad, specialized music stations. I clicked through a bit, landed on New Age, and I’ve let it play since. The amazing mixture of soothing instrumentals, celtic music, and nature sounds is intoxicating. It definitely helps soothe my frazzled nerves.

Second, I opened up my futuristic sci-fi romance novel, deciding to give my fantasy a break. Why? Because after working on it for weeks and cleaning and editing and sending out queries, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I was starting to get all emotional about my baby. *sigh* So some separation was necessary to avoid a complete writer meltdown.

What I’m realizing is, that the scifi novel is SOOOO different in tone and writing that its actually a bit jarring. I started to read it and wasn’t sure I liked ANY of it. Not to mention, I have absolutely NO drive or inspiration to move it forward. I know where it has to go, plot wise, but when I tried the next chapter, it came out flat, forced, and stilted. ???

What am I supposed to do? Isn’t that just weird? The thing is, I worked on this particular novel for quite some time and made really great progress. It was a NaNo project one year, I’m a little over 50k, and it’s still going rather strong, character/plot wise. So I have no clue where my aversion is coming from except that my heart is still hung up on the fantasy story, and on those characters, and it’s making even liking this one, nearly impossible. How frustrating.

So I’m rereading it from the beginning, hoping to find that initial spark. This story came to me after reading Karen Marie Moning’s Dark Highlander story. I’d been so taken by her hero, by the character chemistry, by the unforgettable and hilarious scenes. I was on vacation in Cape Cod and I remember sitting up in bed one night, startled out of a dream, with a VERY clear scene in mind. My hero came to me all in one piece. His name, his look, his attitude. It was rather startling. Except, it wasn’t contemporary or historical. It was… science fiction? Really? A king of a planet in another constellation who is desperately seeking to fill the void left by the one woman he really loved… an Earth woman. Huh. Interesting. Hence, WoH was born.

See? I loved it at one point. Now I just have to remind myself why.

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