So it turns out

… Baby bump is now baby boy! 🙂

I had my ultrasound today.

Arms, legs, head, torso- check! The little bugger was practically dancing the whole time. He wouldn’t sit still for the technician and he kept playing peek-a-boo with his right hand, tucking it under his head so she couldn’t see it. Then he played shy and kept closing his legs but in the end, we prevailed.

I am the proud future momma of a bratty little boy. And I couldn’t be more psyched about it.

6 responses to “So it turns out

  1. Congratulations!!! Not only do you get a baby boy,but your book came into the store today and looks great.

  2. I am days late but still “squee!” -ing over this. Congratulations again! He’s going to be the Official Cafe Baby — is that okay with you? 😉 Also: Photos! I’ve been snapping photos of important moments for you, by the way, since you’re not in the store to experience them yourself. You’ll just have to rely on mine and Alicia’s overwhelming excitement, instead. 😉

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