Since the release of my first print book (no matter how many times I say this, it will ALWAYS require a *squee*!!!), I have promised you and myself that I would post a picture of me holding it like a proud author! Unfortunately, I do not own a digital camera, and my BFF who I usually steal it from, has been busy and away with business. I have now come to the conclusion that I need my own, especially with baby boy on the way. I’m a photo maniac and disposables just won’t do anymore.

Thankfully, in situations like this, I have the awesome Melissa to rely on. She has done what I, in my pregnant useless state have been unable to. She has chronicled my road to print publication as only a bookseller can. And I love her to death for it. I admit, I miss the bookstore terribly. Little things- the way it smells like coffee and new books, the smiles, the laughs, the inside jokes. Gah. It’s just not the same being away from there. I fully intend to rectify that by visiting as often as possible once my gag reflex stops being upset by odd scents and motion sickness. This, btw, should be VERY soon. *crosses fingers*

Anyway, I’m uber proud to present my book, in all it’s bookstore glory:

5 responses to “Promises

  1. Hi! I just wanted to say congratulations on Cinematic Royalty making it to print. (= I saw the pictures you posted of your book, and even I got a little giddy. I’ll have to make a stop to the book store and grab me a copy. 😉

    And congrats on the baby boy! Be sure to take it easy!

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