I’ll Admit

I haven’t been a very good blogger. The days are all kind of bleeding into each other lately. But thank you to those of you who keep checking in!!!! 🙂 I lurve you guys.

Despite my silence, I’ve been busy with a handful of things. For starters, this weekend I got to stay with my amazing, spectacular grandmother whom I adore. She always makes me feel so warm and fuzzy when she’s around. All we do is laugh and tell stories. She made me the most delicious banana pancakes you can imagine with fresh fruit on Sunday morning. Hubby devoured them with a pleased smile on his face. In an attempt to thank her I gave her a pedicure. Her toes looked brilliant in that ice mauve berry color! I showed off my baby registry and she ran off to TJ Maxx to buy little one a ton of wayyy adorable clothes and socks. I came into the room to find them there on Saturday evening. I got pretty choked up to say the least.

Saturday afternoon, while my grandmother worked, (and shopped, obviously, ha ha) hubby and I spent time in upstate New York attending an aunt’s wedding. What a BEAUTIFUL occassion!


That was the wedding gazebo. We sat in folding chairs on either side of the walkway. As you can see, it was held outside by a lake, and although it was about negative thirty degrees (exaggeration, but I swear, it was cold), the bride looked radiant and flawless. It was a very sweet ceremony where they wrote their own vows. They then treated us to appetizers (calamari, yum!!) in a pitched tent with heaters, and then moved us upstairs into the ballroom for the reception. What a great time. We danced and ate and laughed and it was just fun all around.

Definitely a well needed respite from real life.

On the writing front, I have my fantasy story out on a submission run. I’m anxiously waiting to hear back. In an effort to keep myself busy, I started plotting out the sequel to said story. I already have at least the first 5 chpts written, but it’s missing scenes and it’s still in first draft form, so it’s a work in progress. I plotted about a little less than halfway. So far, so good.

Then, as usual, I got sidetracked by my crazy muse. She started talking to me and what resulted was the first scene/opening of a YA fantasy story. *shakes head* That is now ALSO in my WIP folder.  Though I’m going to try and restrain from getting writer’s high and focus on my current projects which are further along. I have a futuristic romance that’s at the climax and being sorely neglected, poor baby.

Despite my good intentions however, I got an email today from my editor with a decent chunk of edits. Nothing too overwhelming, but it will be time consuming. So, the other books get pushed to the side while I work on this one.

*breathes deep* Phew. And that’s what I’ve been up to. Insane, isn’t it? I’m actually breathless just thinking about it. Not to mention the fact that my signing is in a little over a week! *squee* I’m so nervous and excited! Signing real books! Having conversations with readers! How wild!  Still don’t have an outfit. *bites nails* I have to get on that.

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