30 Pages

… and counting.

Still editing. About three chapters in. Trying to focus my attention on this project so that I can get it done efficiently. I tend to get distracted during edits. I start new projects, plan turnovers on old ones. It makes the editing process take longer than it has to on my end, not to mention, I procrastinate until I’m on a crunch. Which is never good. So this time, I’m being disciplined.

So far, it’s paying off. I’m focused, I’m involved, and I’m moving forward at a steady pace.  I do miss my other projects though. It’s funny how I forget how much I love to write on them until I can’t and them I get all itchy to do it. When it’s just me and the WIPs I’m usually doing everything BUT writing… oh the irony.

Either way, I wanted to let you all know that although I wish I could be here to play, I am in fact working, so. 😦

In other news, my very first book signing is this Saturday! I am so nervous! I have some fun promo items to give away. Bookmarks, business cards, magnets. B&N ordered the books so I’ll be signing and smiling. And there will be coffee which is always awesome. I’ll try and take tons of pics so I can post them here on Monday! 🙂 Maybe it’ll be the push I need to work faster.

Happy Hump Day!


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