Isabelle vs. Her Characters (Round 1)

So, it strikes me as odd that despite having a scene outlined and knowing the gist of what has to happen, I cannot for the life of me get the words on paper. I have tried all day, for the last two days, to get this scene written and all I’ve managed are a few unrelated paragraphs and thoughts that won’t gel.

Now, I’m going to be kind to myself and say it’s the baby brain. It’s making me fuzzy. My characterization feels off and I’m incapable of ‘creating’- I’m just reciting the story at this point. (If that makes any sense).

BUT- let’s say for argument’s sake that it’s not the baby brain. That I’ve lost something somewhere along the lines. My characters, two in particular, (yes, K and P, you know who you are) are NOT cooperating. So I’ve devised a plan.

Cookies. And no, I’m not bribing them. We are so past that.

They’re getting a mouthful of warm, chocolately fists. I’m going to knock them both out and render them helpless if they don’t cooperate with me soon. So help me God, I am their maker and they must yield to me. Or I will set the room they both reside in on fire.

The end.

One response to “Isabelle vs. Her Characters (Round 1)

  1. You are on the right track. Cookies solve most disputes. Even road rage. By the way, guess which book I’m reading?

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