Round 1 Goes to the Characters

So they took round one. I’m woman enough to admit it. Though it does peeve me to no end. I decided the best thing for all involved (including the characters who were *this* close to getting deleted) was to take a step back from the project. I was obsessing. That’s never good. I start questioning everything, losing perspective.

Now, I’ve gone back to work on my futuristic romance which to my great surprise is actually more than halfway done. Now it’s all about resolutions. Tying up loose ends. Pointing fingers. All the good stuff. I’m at over 51k. That makes me very happy. The only thing- and it’s perfect irony really- is that I’m having trouble focusing on this because my mind is still on the fantasy story that I stepped away from! Evil characters.

Round 2 will begin shortly. I can tell. I won’t be able to resist them long. But I plan on winning the next round. Characters everywhere, be warned.

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