Time Here All But Means Nothing

I’m having a hard time understanding how seven days have passed since I last blogged. It’s a bit mind boggling. I swear I’m not being coy. I think I have just lost all concept of the passing of time. More and more, when someone asks me what day it is, I stare blankly. I have NO clue. To make matters worse, it kind of feels like there’s really only one date embedded in my mind.

March 3rd. Baby’s due date. It’s like countdown to D-Day or something. I’ve started birthing classes. I ask a billion questions about every possible thing you can imagine. Embarrassment has taken a back seat to curiosity and fear of the unknown. I’m really happy with the honesty and reassuring words of the instructor though. She’s fabulous.

I’ve also been reading up on all things baby related and working on that baby registry. That has to be the funnest part of this whole process thus far. I mean, I’ve been at Babies R’ Us pushing strollers, learning how to safely tie in a car seat, checking out cribs and armoires, and ‘oohing’ at baby clothes. Especially anything involving a sweater vest. Because those in baby size with baby curdoroy pants are the most ADORABLE thing in the whole world. Forget pink ballerina outfits. They’ve got nothing on sweater vests.

On top of all of this baby madness which has turned my brain to mush, I’ve also been working on the sequel to my fantasy novel. Book 1 is out on submission. It’s been a little over a month and not hearing has made it difficult for me to focus on much of anything but pulling my hair out. So I busied myself with the sequel, hoping to have something to show in case they inquire about it. Just when I found my writing groove on that, or at least felt I was going in some sort of realistic direction, I got back a second round of edits from my editor. So, I’m going to jump into those first, be sure to get them done in a timely fashion.

Can you see why I completely missed that my last blog was a week ago? *blushes* Talk about topsy turvy.

Now if you’ll excuse me. I have tea with the Mad Hatter. I’ll check you guys out soon.

One response to “Time Here All But Means Nothing

  1. Baby goodies!! OMG that is the BEST! ^_^

    The minute I learned I was having Mini – er, a boy – I dashed out to track down this sleepy time snoopy crib set. I wanted this exact one I’d found online – with baby snoopy sleeping on a crecent moon. Girl, I about killed myself trying to find that thing, but I did it eventually, and held aloft the last baby snoopy crib set in Toys/Babies R Us while doing a Xena Warrior Princess cry of victory. No lie. It was like a trophy scalp or something.

    I think Oldest and Hubby wanted to disown me at that particular moment, but they knew better than to thwart the pregnant lady. LOL! Have fun with your baby shopping!!! ^_^

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