Day to Day

A semi-personal, semi-professional update on the goings on of my life. 🙂

On the baby front: I’m getting huge. I’m now alternating between my ‘fat clothes‘ (so glad I didn’t throw these out and just packed them away with hopes to never see them again) and new maternity clothes. I waddle a bit when I walk. And I feel strangely round. Like, Penguin in the old Batman movie. *cringe*

I’m suffering from growing pains, which is to be expected. I can feel every ligament stretching in my belly and some days I feel like I’ve been riding a pony for 8 days and that my thighs won’t survive the throbbing. Trust me, that’s not as fun or sexy as it sounds. Funny how muscles you never knew you had make themselves present when weight starts to settle on your pelvic bone.

Despite all my whining, and I know I’m doing quite a bit of it, it’s all worth it when I feel baby C move. Sometimes, out of the blue, the feel of his little feet kicking my side is thrilling. At night, when I’m settling into sleep, he’s pretty active, and I can’t help but smile knowing that in just a few months, I’ll be able to tuck him into bed. 🙂

Cheesy, I know. But these are the little things that remind me these long, hormonal, particularly emotional months are worthwhile. I’m so excited.

On the writing/editing front: I was working on my fantasy novel’s sequel and came to a bit of a halt on a scene. Mostly, it’s a POV issue. I’d originally written it in the heroine’s pov. I decided it might read better in the supporting character’s pov- and it would help me set up his coming journey (he’s lead hero in book 3). I think I need him to get a little violent. To really post a threat to the current hero in order to rationalize the need for chains and locks. Either way, I know where it’s going from here, and I have up to the climax settled. Which is great. After that, it’s a bit open ended. I’ll have to sit and plot things out.

As for editing- I’ve got half of my contracted WIP done, and I’m working on the second half. I’m really hoping to have this one ready for publication by January. If I can work steadily. It’s hard to focus most days. I’m so tired and foggy. But I have to get it done before March. Once baby C gets here, I plan to go on a mini writing vacation. I’ve had a very busy year. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’m thankful for every moment.

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