Author’s Choice

by _coquettish on LiveJournal

In between rounds of edits with my publisher, I spent most of my time working on the sequel to my romantic fantasy. I wrote a good third of it, when I finally received the big ‘R’ for book 1. This has given me a bit of time to think, reorganize my priorities and see where I’m going creatively. I’ve since sent book 1 back out to submission land. Sitting on the waiting bench affords me three writing options:

1. Finishing my alternate WIP which is already at 51k and at its climax.

2. Continuing work on the sequel, although I’m a bit burned out on the storyline and suffering from “pull my hair” syndrome.


3. Give my muse free reign and work on something new.

The nice thing about my current position, which is not a position a writer frequently finds themselves in, is that I don’t have a project DUE. My WIP is aimed at a specific house, but I hit a wall and the muse hasn’t been too inspired by it for a while. The fantasy sequel will again be put on hold if book 1 gets another rejection. So I took the third option and I’m enjoying the freedom of entering a new world, with new characters.

It’s a YA high fantasy. I really love the world, and feel completely overwhelmed by the delicate storyline. I want to do it justice because it’s a beautiful premise. Expect to hear about it from time to time in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, what do you love about starting a new project?

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