I Used to Love Orange Soda

Before I was made to drink this:

That ladies and gentleman is the nastiest drink you’ll ever have to down in 5 minutes. Seriously. The first taste is quite pleasant. Like flat orange soda with a few too many Splendas thrown in. Then, when it starts to settle in your stomach it’s like a brick. Each consecutive sip becomes lodged in your throat until you’re practically gagging with each one. SO GROSS. And it’s the second time I’ve drank it, believe it or not. It’s the drink necessary to administer the glucose tolerance test.

One girl in the diagnostic center had been there for 4 hours! She was taking the extensive test, involving fasting since last night, and a much sweeter dose because of her hypoglycemia. I think my shocked expression told her that if I had to do that, I’d die. I think she actually laughed at me. Not that I can blame her. I did get a little stir crazy in that cramped room with that sugary orange stuff sitting heavy in my throat.

Overall, it was a nice morning though, despite it! I went to Ikea with some friends and had breakfast. I stuck to eggs and sausage, since the potatoes would spike my sugar intake. I did cheat and have a cup of coffee though. Sooo delicious.  I miss coffee.I resisted the urge to check out the convertible crib I’m getting baby boy, cause every time I do I *squee* like a weird little fangirl. 😉 haha. Can’t help it. Come January, I’ll have that crib set up in my house with Winnie the Pooh sheets and more pics than my sparkly new digital camera can handle.

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