And We're Live!

Finally! After several hours of fidgeting with WordPress I can proudly present the new theme!

It’s been tweaked an indefinite amount of times and when I uploaded it, it wouldn’t allow me to see the blog posts individually or to make comments. It kept telling me there was a fatal error.

This made me want to pull my hair out. You see, although I’m pretty handy with basic HTML and can work with stylesheets and such, I know NOTHING about php. When I look at some of the theme sheets, it’s like looking at a completely foreign language. Nothing registers as familiar and I just want to cry. Ha ha. But, I didn’t (I swear). Instead, I took the time to finally upgrade WordPress.

Believe it or not, as of this morning I was still using version 2.2.1 or something equally ancient. I backed up my posts in every possible way I knew how and then closed my eyes and hit upgrade. Then, suprisingly, it was done! And my theme worked! And the new dashboard was all strange and different and kind of orangeish with brown and blue. Everything looked new and overwhelming. I took a few minutes to get familiar with the new format, grinned when I noticed I could upgrade my plugins as well so they would work, and then voila! Here I am. 🙂

I’m thrilled. Let’s hope I face no problems in the long run. I’d hate to revert back to an older version. For now, let’s enjoy my new blog home.

3 responses to “And We're Live!

  1. Bev, I AM proud of my courage! Ha ha. Took me long enough!

    And thanks Karen! It was definitely a headache, but it was worth it.

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