Such a Tease

I finally figured out how to download the photos from my booksigning onto my computer. CBear and I bought a new Canon Powershot Digital camera to prepare for Peanut’s arrival and as digitally savvy as I like to think I am, I’ve never owned a digital camera so I was clueless. I read the manual and think I pretty much have the hang of it. The pictures come out beautiful and there are so many settings! It’s very exciting.

Of course, I absolutely hate how I came out in most of the pictures. I look so puffy! *blah* But, I do have something I really want to share with you. At my first book signing, it was an endless stream of books and people coming and going. This time, I had a few people sit and chat, ask me questions, etc. I even got to do a reading! This was absolutely my favorite part of the event. So here it is! *Side note: ignore the funny faces I tend to make. I’m way overanimated.*

In celebration of two successful book signings I’ve decided to do a little something special on my blog. I’m going to post two deleted scenes from Dark Hollywood Nights! So check back in tomorrow for post #1 and then Thursday for post #2. Those who read and enjoy, leave me a little comment and I’ll enter you into a raffle to win a goodie envelope, including booksmarks, business cards, and magnets.

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