*insert witty title here*

Three days of cleaning, snow, hot cocoa, and DVD marathons

of News Radio have brought me to Monday. And now… I’m sitting on my couch, too congested to function with my left ear feeling all achy and stopped up, and despite my desire to go on another cleaning frenzy (can anyone say nesting?) I feel completely incapable of functioning. :-

I did some writing last night, since I couldn’t sleep, and although it was minimal, it felt like a productive streak. So today, I may just relax. It is Monday after all. If I’m feeling better tonight, I’ll try my hand at another few paragraphs of my WIP. In the meantime, an afternoon nap is sounding more and more appealing. 🙂

3 responses to “*insert witty title here*

  1. Hope you feel better soon–that thing going around is nasty indeed, I think I might finally have kicked it. Have a great Christmas week, and happy writing!!

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