A Woman's Work is Never Done

As you can probably imagine, between my terrible cold last week (and the lingering congestion), this week has been nothing more than a blur of exhaustion. But I’m happy to say we’re finally going away!!! It couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m just about packed and tomorrow evening CBear and I head to Cape Cod to stay with his family until Thursday. I plan to do very little while up there. Eat, sleep, read, and write are on the agenda. And I suppose I’ll squeeze bathing in there somewhere. 😉 J/k.

In the meantime, I’ve been doing some major projects around the house. As the weeks creep by, I’m starting to go into panic mode about Peanut’s arrival. The ‘to-do’ list seems to be growing rather than shrinking! How is that possible?

For starters, we had a door installed in our tiny downstairs room which will be turned into the nursery. The door is to keep our meddling kitty out at night when the baby starts sleeping in there. I’ve moved some of the baby gifts I’ve started receiving into my room for safekeeping and re-shelved the items in my closet to make space for the stroller and car seat. We’ve started clearing out the storage items in the loft to make room for the our bedroom which will be moved up there *crosses fingers* hopefully by mid-January.

And although the baby won’t be doing any running around/toddler things for over a year, I decided it best to move the glass dining room table and china out of the main walkway and closer toward the wall so that they’re braced up against something. Paranoia? Perhaps. But, I know I won’t be doing much furniture moving post-baby. I’ll be lucky to do any sleeping/eating. *lol*

So as you can see, things have been busy in the Santiago household, not to mention a little spastic. But it’s all in good fun. Each passing day is a day closer to seeing my son for the first time! It’s kind of thrilling!

“Baby on the brain” has made it a little difficult to focus on creative projects (so has the physical exhaustion) however I have managed to get at least a few sentences (and on good days, a few paragraphs) of my YA fantasy written nearly everyday. It drags, mostly because it’s got a very distinct voice and in my distracted mental state I tend to veer into my own voice. But in the end, I’m glad to be working on something. And I hope that with my shiny new Canon Pixma printer, I’ll be able to work things out on paper once Peanut arrives. 🙂

So that’s been the last week or so. Hopefully it won’t take me another week to get back! *hugs*

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