Monday Madness

So, after an intense cleaning spree with my darling MIL yesterday, I woke up to a beautiful, sparkling home that smelled deliciously clean. This = love. I’m determined for it to stay this way for as long as humanly possible. If CBear starts tossing stuff around I may be forced to smack him upside the head. With love, of course. Always with love.

Now, because the house is in tip top shape I can focus on the Project To-Do List (PTDL) for Peanut. These are the big things that don’t get done cause I’m usually too sidetracked with regular cleaning and housework. I’m happy to say the PTDL is dwindling nicely. All that’s left is moving our bedroom furniture upstairs, painting the nursery, and putting the nursery furniture in there. This could all be done in a weekend if life were to allow us a break and there were NO outside influences. But that’s doubtful, so I’m giving us two weeks. I’m due in four. After 2 weeks, if it’s not done, I intend on having a dramatic meltdown in order to get my point across. The acting classes I took in high school will most certainly make a return. ^_^

In writing news, I’m happy to announce that I signed a contract for Zerah, my romantic fantasy yesterday. 🙂 This is the last story I’m subbing out until after Peanut gets here. I have a few other things I’m working on but none are complete enough to go out. So I’ll have to choose one and focus on doing paper and pen updates for it once baby arrives. I doubt my computer time will be much. I’ll most likely do drive-by posts. I won’t abandon you all completely! Promise.

Surfacing is just about complete as well. Blurb, excerpt, and dedication are written. Now I just need an official release date and last round proof edits. Then we’re good to go.

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