Time Bomb

I have become a time bomb. Tick-tick-ticking away, ready to explode. Or at least that’s how I feel. How is it possible that everyday I wake up I feel monumentally larger than the last? *_*

This weekend will see a slew of baby activity. Tonight, CBear and I are going shopping for paints and brushes to work on the nursery tomorrow and a covered cat pan for Senor Gato, who will be moving into the cubby area under the open staircase.

We’re getting him a nice new home, a mat, and if we’re feeling generous, we’ll even get him a scratching post. He’s been upgraded to teenager. It’s like giving him his own apartment. 😉 Which I’m sure he’ll ignore in favor of sleeping at the foot of our bed instead. *ha ha*

Tomorrow, I’m riding to NY to see my grandmother with my mother and little sister. We’re doing a family-only baby shower, which will be nice. There’s quite a few people I haven’t seen in- well it feels like forever- and I’d like to catch up. So expect lots of pictures from that event. My mother has promised to be trigger happy. *rolls eyes* I may have to snatch the camera away at some point.

While I’m in NY, hubby and his guy friends will break open a few beers, do some painting and rearranging, so that hopefully it’s ready for when I get home. Since I’ve been told I can’t do any of it due to the fumes. Pft. I love the smell of paint.

Then, I’ll likely pick up the pieces that make up the crib from my mother’s house on Sunday night so I can put it together on Monday! 🙂 Just in time for my 34th week! Which leaves me only 6 more weeks! *panic, panic*

As you can probably tell from this post, I’m a bit overwhelmed with all these changes and it’s made it hard to focus on actually WRITING anything. However, I have been doing mental plotting. I play over scenes from my WIP in my mind and fill in dialogue, etc. If it’s really detailed, I’ll jump on the computer for a few minutes to write quick chapter summaries in brackets like these […] so that I can refer to them when I have more time. These have been lifesavers because they’re detailed enough to include actual snippets of character convos and major moments, etc. And as far as I can tell, once I actually sit to write, I’ll be at about the halfway mark! Can you believe it?! That makes me giddy.

Then it’s a matter of plotting out the second half. :- Why do I do that? I’m such a pantster.

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