Hey blogosphere!

I know it’s Monday. I absolutely have not forgotten about you all –

I just have SO much to tell you that I can’t do it at this particular moment due to being rather busy on my end. I’ve had my husband available at home for the past two days and so I’ve taken advantage of his manly strength to help me get things around the house done. I’ll admit, for about 3 days my house was so topsy turvy, it was impossible to even find a place to sit! Not fun. But it’s looking much better now. And we’re more than halfway done with what needs to be finished, so yay for that.

When I return (hopefully in another day or so) I should have pictures and proof of my very productive weekend. 😉 As well as shots of some of the awesome gifts received at Saturday’s baby shower! *yay, everyone loves baby gifts*

In the meantime, I leave you with this little blog meme. I was tagged by the lovely Cora Zane.

Rules are:

Link to the person who tagged you; write down six things that make you happy; post the rules; tag six others and let them know you’ve done it; tell the person who tagged you when your entry is up.

Ok. I’m gonna be straight with this one. Most people say family, kids, spouses, parents, siblings, etc. etc. with the happy list. I think that’s kind of a cheat, because while we LOVE them, and yes, we do experience happy times with them, happy is an internal thing. Either you’re a happy person or you aren’t. If you are, you’ll find little things around you every day that make you happy. And if you aren’t a happy person…well, you’re just a miserable old shoe and I doubt anyone would tag such a scrouge for a list anyway. So no family on this list. No loved ones. No pets. That is too damn easy. And besides that, family is sort of like hard candy – sweet, but after a while it hurts your teeth.

Now for the list:

Six things that make me happy

6.)Snow – Most New Englanders HATE snow. It gets dirty, it’s hard to drive in, and they can only cancel so much work/school before you’re forced to go out and freeze your butt. However- all that aside- there’s something so innocent and cleansing about snow. It’s so pretty when it falls. The world gets so quiet. It’s just beautiful and I can’t help but love it. Hot cocoa on a snowy night is my idea of a perfect winter evening.

5.)Laughter- I love to laugh. In fact, I’ve had some people who met me think I’m too cheery, or perhaps even phony, because really- who the heck is happy all the time? But, laughter, especially that really intense from the gut laughter, is so cathartic. I usually feel like a new person after. So I find as many situations to laugh as possible. Life’s too short to spend it frowning.

4.)Food – I’m not deliciously curvacious for nothing. I’m a woman who loves to eat and I make no qualms about it. Granted, I don’t just eat for the sake of eating. Being a glutton is not sexy. Over the past year, while pursuing weight loss goals and focusing on working out more I’ve developed a new love for recipes and new foods. I love the whole cooking process. I love finding new flavors or trying international recipes. And I especially love family meals where we all sit together and indulge in a meal and good conversation.

3.)Writing – This is one of those double edged things. It makes me as happy as it makes me crazy. But honestly, I can’t picture myself NOT writing. It just relieves SO much emotion. I love to laugh/cry/get angry with my characters. And I love the butterflies that form when I know something is just right. That’s a kind of happiness that’s hard to replicate.

2.)Music- I’ve chronicled stages of my life to music. I have an entire soundtrack to memorable moments stored in my head. Music expresses what many times, my words cannot. It is one of my life’s simplest pleasures.

1.)Autumn – I’m a HUGE fan of crisp, cool fall days. I love the changing of the trees and I love sweaters. My friends jokingly called me Bill Cosby in high school because I own a sweater in like every color of the rainbow. And I don’t even care. It’s like walking around in a blanket. It’s sooo insanely awesome. It’s why fall’s my favorite season. It also tends to inspire me more than any other. Weird, huh?

And that’s about it! I won’t tag anyone, but if you’re interested, please, knock yourself out! 🙂

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.


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