Looking for something to read?

Well, the awesome Lisa Asanuma might just have the solution.

She’s offering a free read in episodes, written in the form of letters. It’s contemporary YA and it’s really spot on. Reading the passages takes me back to emails and blog entries I exchanged with friends in high school and throughout my first year of college!

In fact, I still have one very good friend (hello Amalia, if you’re reading this!) who writes me long, detailed blog entries about her college experience and we talk and laugh and it’s like I get to live it with her. It’s quite magical.

Lisa has managed to capture that very delicate time in a friendship, when you’re trying to keep those things that made you friends in the first place at the forefront amidst a changing (and very adult) world. If you’re a YA fan, you may find this right up your alley!

So check it out:

Wren and Marnie’s Guide to World Domination

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