Run Isabelle Run

As usual, things are busy busy on this end.

CBear and I finished painting the nursery tonight! *squee* FINALLY! We’re letting it dry before we take out all the tarps/plastic/tape. Tomorrow afternoon is dedicated to the big ‘move-in’. My mother, grandmother, next door neighbor from when I was like twelve, my brother and a friend of his are all swinging by to give my house an overhaul and get that baby room COMPLETE. Hubby has to do some work things out of the house, but when he gets back he may not recognize the place! 🙂

I do have some pictures chronicling my progress. I absolutely plan to post those, if not later on tonight, then definitely some time tomorrow. Look out for those! There will be lots of baby goodness. 😀

I’ve also managed to get some work done on fast draft. For the week I’ve written about 1k. Which may sound like nothing, considering some authors can pull out 2k+ a day! However, I’m proud of my humble numbers. I’ve managed to write despite baby brain, exhaustion, impossible amounts of cleaning/nesting, prepping, painting, etc. I’ve actually had an insanely productive week.

Not to mention, I’ve been preparing for a book signing next Saturday! Look out for the official post/announcement for that on Monday.

Hope you’re all having a slamming Friday! And here’s a dance break for your enjoyment: (dance break + eyecandy! Yes, Isabelle DOES love you all).

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