Heads Up New Englanders



Refreshments will be served (cupcakes, pastries, candy, chocolates and chocolate covered fruits, pretzels and chips) hot cocoa, virgin cosmos, and sparking juice! There will also be door prizes (up to 15 gift baskets to give away!), a meet and greet, Q&A, PG-13 readings, and some fun games!

Swing by! We’d love to see you!
Feb 7th, 2-6pm.
Borders, Farmington CT

1600 South East Road
Farmington, CT 06032
Phone: 860.674.8110
Fax: 860.674.5257

Signing will be:

Annette Blair, Kristan Higgans, and Marie Force, Stella Price, Jessica Andersen, Cat Johnson, Tilly Greene, Allie Boniface, Donna Michaels, Leigh Ellwood, Denise Eagan, Emily Bryan, Isabelle Santiago, Kathryn Smith,
Toni Andrews

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