I Promised Myself

When I neared the beginning of my ninth month, I told myself I would not be like those television women who were in and out of the hospital/doctors with false labor pains, never really knowing what’s going on. I’ve read enough books, I thought to myself, Interviewed enough mothers to have a good idea when this should be the real thing.

Yesterday, I had contractions that got as low as 6 minutes apart. I was sick and miserable all day long. I was achy and tired. I went in to see the doctors twice. The first time, they hooked me up to a fetal monitor to check things out. They told me to call if things got more intense. They did. So I called. When I came back in, I was majorly disappointed to find that although the contractions were getting more severe, they weren’t doing enough in the laboring department. I was only dilated a centimeter. *major bummer*

Either way, today I’m feeling suprisingly calm and put together. I also have an unusual amount of energy. I’m guessing this is a good sign. So I’m taking the day to clean up and be sure the house is ready for another red alert.

In the meantime, I’m glad to tell you all that Surfacing has it’s first review.

Surfacing has the feel of a psychological movie mystery, alternating between fish-eye lens close-ups and hazy, unfocused wide angle shots. The story also utilizes flashbacks in a unique way, similar to diary entries except that they are also bits and pieces of the heroine’s fictional memoir. […] Ms. Santiago has created an interesting novella of love lost, love returned, and the pain involved in making choices of the heart.

To read the entire review, click here!

And because yesterday was basically a frenzy of activity I hardly remember, I’m making up for the fact that I did not even offer a free copy of Surfacing! How rude of me.

So let’s make it easy, shall we? Anyone who comments on the blog will be entered to win. 🙂 Sound easy enough?

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