I’m Not Dead, Just Floating

For starters, I’d like to congratulate the winner of the Surfacing giveaway! The lovely

Karen Erickson!!!

Just email me – isabelle at twistedfairytale dot net – to claim the prize and I’ll email it right out. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping in and commenting.

Now, onto blogger things- I apologize for the silence around here lately. It’s certainly not due to a lack of things to say, but really a lack of time to say it. As you can probably imagine the past week has been chock full of activity. Book promotions, doctor appointments, more false labor contractions, last minute cleaning, and trying desperately to keep up with other blogs and writerly events happening online! The entire process is rather exhausting!

Not to mention, the muse has been a good girl and continued to cooperate with me in regards to the fantasy sequel WIP. I reached the big moment this week, and had NOTHING else planned after it (stupid pantster ways). You can imagine my panic. And then, voila!! An afternoon idea session with a great friend (Cam, sometimes it’s the simple things you say that resonate the most!) sparked a vivid vision. An entire flood of conversation and activity for my hero and heroine appeared in my mind. I have to hurry up and write it before I lose it. I jotted down the basics, but either way, I’m thrilled with the direction its taking. It makes perfect sense with how I envisioned the overall story.

Being busy with all that has left little time to play. *whine, whine* But I’d rather be productive and get things done than to spend all my time playing and then find my to-do list is a mile long by the time Peanut gets here (which is now just 2 weeks away!!!!).

So if it remains rather quiet, it’s because I’m being productive. Either writing that book or giving birth. And really, I can’t lose doing either. 🙂

Happy Monday to all!

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