It's a Small World

How old do I feel this morning? Or worse, how old does my husband feel? Ha ha.

In the search for a pediatrician, CBear and I were referred to a local practice by a good friend of ours with two children. They spoke highly of their doctor and the one we wanted was no longer taking patients so the referral was well appreciated.

We looked the doctor up and I called to schedule a meet and greet appointment. When I told my husband the address he got really quiet. I think my pediatrician used to be somewhere around there, he said.

Somewhere around there turns out to be exactly right there. In a stroke of irony, this doctor whom we were referred to is actually one of the doctors from the original group my husband saw as a child. He is now the head practicioner and has his own group of 5 great doctors working with him.

My MIL, who was nice enough to drive me to the appointment was having some MAJOR dejavu. I heard stories about my brother in law’s bruises and bumps, about nurses who used to work there who surprisingly were STILL there, and about how she’s surprised the head doctor still works there, as he looked ancient when my husband was a child. *snort* I’m guessing the man is like Santa Claus- he never ages.

How weird is that? We have now become second generation people. Our kids are seeing our doctors. And soon they’ll be seeing our teachers too. I’m totally not ready for this. *mental crisis!*

BTW- those of you who follow me on twitter, I apologize for the silence. I’ve been using the desktop at home much more frequently than the laptop, due to the bulging belly. My desktop absolutely hates Twitter. With a passion. So I’ve been unable to read, respond or post! But I plan to remedy that very soon!

4 responses to “It's a Small World

  1. How cool about the doctor! ^_^ You know something, one of the doctors that I go to is the very one that delivered me. No kidding. It was a little weird at first, but I don’t think twice about it now. Good doctors that act like they genuinely care if you’re feeling well or not are hard to find!

  2. Hey. Its’ been too long. I’ve got so much to tell, but you’re about to add a new addition to your family like I did almost 5 months ago….Yep 🙂 a baby boy. I lost the only letter you wrote to me, along with your address. I wanted to write you again, but no address no letter 😦 You have my email address so that way I won’t be interferring in the busyness known as your life. Miss you and hope you feel better…congratulations again!

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