Countdown Complete

Today’s the day.

I’ve been up since 6am. I’m dressed, showered, and packed. I have to make an appearance at the hospital at 8am.

By noon, I’ll have a brand new baby. *_* It’s still mindblowing to even think about it. I’ll finally get to see him and smell him and hold him and blow raspberries onto his belly. 😀

I’ll admit, I’m going to miss carrying the little bugger around. The little dance party he’d have after 11pm every night. How excited he’d get after a glass of orange juice. And how upset the fetal monitor always made him- he’d start doing backflips just to get away from it!

But we’re in a new stage and I can’t wait to meet him and start this new part of our lives together. Hubby is just as thrilled (if not also a little terrified). So as of today, I suppose my hiatus officially begins.

I plan on jumping back around when I’m feeling up to it, if nothing else to post his birth announcements.

I’ll miss you guys!

Be back soon!

P.S. Click on the image for more adorable baby photos! She’s a fantastic photographer.

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