The Art of 4am Feedings

Is there really an art form to this? Probably not. They’re exhausting, but I definitely think expecting them helps. I forced myself to bed early, napped when I could and by the time Peanut woke up crying at 3:55am, I expected it and woke up with a bundle of adrenaline energy. I fed him, sang to him (low so as not to wake a very sleepy hubby who’d been up with him during the last feeding to let me catch a few extra zzz’s), changed his diaper, and then rocked him to sleep. The last bit I managed to do while checking my email and Facebook accounts. Ha ha. I am the queen of the multi-task.

I also find that little Peanut thoroughly enjoys music and us singing to him. C-Bear is brilliant in this department. He can make up songs on the spot (usually ripped from real songs with ridiculous new lyrics). Peanut loves when Daddy does that. He stares at him like he’s crazy but he gets really quiet and listens. ^_^ I tend to just sing him some 80s classics. It’s imperative that he learn those. 😛

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday. This week is flying by! Happy hump day to all. May the rest of your week be filled with productive and exciting activities!

2 responses to “The Art of 4am Feedings

  1. Crazy songs made up on the spot, those are the best. And once you start, it’s hard to stop. LOL :*) I’m so very happy for you, 3 am feedings and all.

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