Image by OIEA4

Image by OIEA4

Anyone who has read New Moon and follows the Twilight fandom may already know this, however, this news just came to me this evening and I’ll admit, I’m thrilled.

The Twilight Lexicon posted that Dakota Fanning has been officially cast as Jane in New Moon- according to a mass email sent by Summit to the subscribers of TwilightTheMovie.com

She’s been a fan favorite for a while and I’ve seen tons of fanart depicting her as Jane before there was even talk about a movie being made. The thing is, Dakota has that perfect mixture of angelic innocence and ageless wisdom that shines from her eyes which makes me think she might actually posses the power to fry people with just a thought. *Firefly flashback: “Also, I can kill you with my brain.”* (Why can’t I insert soundbytes? Wouldn’t that rock?)

For those of you wondering- yes, I am this corny. I’m a fangirl through and through. And I’m not ashamed to admit it. 😛

6 responses to “Duuude…

  1. You fangirl you. *giggle* ^_^

    The especially great thing about Dakota being in there is that she can actually ACT! Bella’s kinda stiff as an actress. Hopefully she’ll loosen up a bit for act 2. 😉

  2. Im so pissed that she got the part!! I know that im not intimidated by her at all and im 13. so if a 18 year old bella is afraid of her then she’s stupid!!

  3. I wasnt sure about her when i first heard she got the part, but now, seeing the pictures and thinking back over my impression of jane, she seems kinda perfect!

    I agree that Kristen Stewart is a stiff actress, its like she has hardly any emotions, which is so far from bellas personality.

  4. Dear Hayley

    i wld be scared of little girl if she possesed the power to cause me extreme pain by just thinking of it. If u read the books u would no that even though jane looks little girlish that shes super scary bc she has great power and to others yes i agreee Kristen needs to learn how to act she is not the bella imagined when reading the book she needs more personality
    ps TEAM EDWARD bc real men sparkle ❤

  5. Fantastic article!! I speak from the point of view of songs, however it pertains to every thing. I simply bathe in just as much music as I possibly can, and when creating my very own I simply try and let it all write itself. I’d like the actual influence and also frame of mind, but not the particular boundries and limitations. It seems that as most of folks grow older and become “specialists” in things, they will shed their own creativeness as well as their spark. The particular “discovery” is finished. Being 49 myself, I’ve been able to prevent this particular thing, so every day of my life is a lot more thrilling because of it!

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