Monday Morning Weekend Recap

So, it’s Monday morning and I’m proud to say I’m up, showered, and have already had the first half of my McDonald’s Caramel Iced Coffee. And it’s only 11:15am. Not bad. Baby bear had a weigh-in appointment at his pediatrician today. He’s had a lot of latch-on problems and lost a significant amount of weight when we came back from the hospital. I’ve since been referred to a lactation consultant and have followed a weekend boot camp that has thankfully brought him back up to birth weight! As of this morning, he’s actually 2 oz heavier than when he was born – so yay for that!!! I’m so proud of my little munchkin. He’s eating mommy out of house and home but it’s nice to see him doing well. He’s so much healthier and more alert now that he’s eating properly.

The weekend was filled with timed bottle feedings, pumping, and television. LOTS of television – because otherwise, I fall asleep. (Just about anything knocks me out these days). Because of my unusual schedule, I’ve found myself enjoying things on TV I would never have given a chance before.

CBear has been following the March Madness games. Although I’m a fan of basketball, I’ve never been big on watching games on TV. I like the live stuff, find it much more exciting. However, I have to admit that the last few Syracuse games have been something to watch! Their 6 overtime game against UCONN?! Seriously. That’s exciting stuff. And it’s suddenly given me the hankering to head to the park and play a game of bball myself. I think this summer will be full of healthy activity!

I also saw an episode of a show called Legend of the Seeker. I’d never seen the show before but I’d heard of it. I watched an entire episode and found myself engrossed nearly immediately. It’s very Arthurian looking. It has monsters, magic, and all kinds of major good and evil stuff going on. It made me eager to get back to writing, particularly the fantasy story sequel I left hanging at the climax right before I gave birth! Now I’m itching to go online and watch all the episodes available. I may have just found a fun new show. Let’s hope all the episodes are as fun and intense as the one I saw. Otherwise, I’ll be sorely disappointed.

I’ll admit, I’m a little bummed that I won’t be able to attend a Twilight DVD party. But I’m hoping to send the hubster out to buy me a copy. I’m itching to reread New Moon in honor of the pre-production filming stuff they’ve got going on up in Vancouver. 😉

So wow, this post is way longer than I expected it to be. Let me go finish watching THE VIEW and get myself a nap in before Peanut wakes up. And can I just finish off by saying that it’s totally unfair how gorgeous Elisabeth Hasselback looks pregnant? I never looked that good. Blah to her.

Happy Monday all!

3 responses to “Monday Morning Weekend Recap

  1. Honey she has all kinds of makeup and wardrobe people who make her look so good. Plus wonderful lighting, etc etc. So don’t let her bug you. Though she just flat out bugs me, period. LOL

  2. I am SO agreeing with Karen’s comment. Also, as someone who had the good fortune to see you fairly regularly throughout your pregnancy, I can tell you that your lovely Mommy-to-be glow was the sort that most women usually envy. Plus, you’re a wonderful, loving person who’s beautiful on her own, while Elisabeth Hasselbeck just kind of sucks a lot. 😉

    Love ya! Btw — do you have plans on April 19th? haha

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