That's What She Said

Not THIS kind of interview.


The amazing Susan Hanniford Crowley, who I met at the Romance and Chocolates Book signing in Farmington, has posted a really fun interview with yours truly! She asked some great questions and let me blab on to my liking (which I obviously have no problem doing, ha ha). I really enjoyed her positive attitude and her contagious energy and we clicked right off the bat.

PLUS- as you will notice from her blog, we’re both Twilight fans. 😉 So that’s always a huge plus. I’m always looking for someone to talk Twilight with.

Anyway, check out the interview here! And leave us a comment or question! I know Susan and I would both love to hear from you!

One response to “That's What She Said

  1. Hey lady, I responded to you on my blog, but in case you can’t get back over there, I owe you an email. I was going to send you something for Peanut we discussed before but discovered they no longer make them! ARG! *_* If I can get a free minute this afternoon (today has been insane!), I’ll wing an email your way!

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