Stranded in TV Land

I haven’t been feeling too hot this week. Runny nose, exhaustion, a little achy and as usual, very sleep deprived- so I’ve spent most of the week lounging, taking care of Peanut and watching TV. I’ve even gotten a little bit of writing/editing done on my fantasy sequel. It’s overrun with red and blue pen marks. You’d think it was a college thesis or something.

Anyway, my week’s highlight came in the form of American Idol’s Motown week. Adam Lambert’s rendition of “Track of my Tears” was so tender and beautiful that it gave me goosebumps! As someone who’s done karaoke competitions and worked with some talented people on musicals, I was pleasantly suprised by this side of him. I’d pegged him as kind of one track rocker dude. He proved to be so much more!

Check him out:

Thanks to for the video!

I also missed tonight’s epic Grey’s Anatomy episode because I was watching The Office and 30 Rock. Why must all these shows be on at the same time? It’s so not fair. And no- I’m not TV obsessed. I’ve just been home too long. I do have a life, I swear.

But I’ll be watching Grey’s online. If I can get the stupid ABC player to work. It hates me.

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