Come Crash Into Me

Ever listened to a song that took you back to a very specific place and time? Today, while trying to rock Peanut to sleep and get some cleaning done, I let Rhapsody 90s Radio play.

Oh man, do I love that station. So much fantastic music.

A few songs played that I hummed along to, but then a very familiar drum line began and I immediately got giddy. Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews started to play and that smooth buttery voice came on over the speakers and well… I was a goner. That song represents so much for me.

by hybridmagic on LiveJournal

It played on the Pilot episode of one of my favorite shows, Roswell, back in 1999. The song was so magical, it opened up a whole world of music for me and until this day it’s just a hopelessly romantic song. I can’t help but see Max and Liz (the main characters) at the top of that hill, awkward and awestruck, wanting to jump head first into love. And then, the flash of light and fire behind them before it (and they) fizzle out and walk away. So perfectly placed. Check it out:

Roswell Pilot

I’ve always said that when I write, I’m a very visual person. I can’t help but hope that I can create moments like this. Moments that stick with the reader, that create such a vivid picture that hours or even days later, the reader is still struck by that particular scene. By how it made them feel. It’s why music is such an essential part to what I do. Soundtracks are so important to create mood. I’m so going to pop this eppy into the DVD player.

One response to “Come Crash Into Me

  1. So I’ve been missing you tons and it didn’t occur to me to check your blog because I’m so blog clueless these days. Thanks for commenting on mine. 🙂 I forgot how fun your posts are here. LOVED the Roswell scene. Ah, if only I could learn to put those moments to paper! I soo need to read what you’ve written!!! 🙂

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