A Whole Bunch of Nothingness

It looks like Karen Erickson and I share an interest (and a crush)! Adam Lambert’s performance on American Idol gave me goosebumps. The boy’s voice is just magical. Honestly, I still get giddy thinking about his version of Track of my Tears. I’m almost rooting for him to lose though, sad as it is. He’s just so creative and all that creativity is going to be stifled by the money making machine known as 19 productions. He’d have a better chance if he came in like third or fourth, a la Chris Daughtry. Then he could still use the drive of AI and do his own thing- create some really amazing music, you know? I’m dying for him to sing some Aerosmith on the show. I think he would KILL some Steven Tyler music like it’s nobody’s business. Anyway, check out Karen’s post. She has Adam’s performance on video!!! It’s amazing.

I’m also really thrilled to report that last night, while Peanut had naptime (from 8pm-10pm) I actually wrote an entire page on my manuscript. A whole page!!!!! Can you believe it? I’m thrilled. Granted, it’s a little all over the place cause my brain is fried but still I feel productive which is always a big plus.

And just cause he’s adorable, I’m leaving you with a pic of Peanut sleeping with daddy:

3 responses to “A Whole Bunch of Nothingness

  1. Oh my goodness, Isabelle, he is so precious! Oh, adorable little Peanut. Cute as a button. :*)

    Congrats on getting that page written! Every little bit counts!

  2. Funny you say that cos I heard Daughtry on the radio today and told my husband, “Losing AI was the best thing that ever happened to him.” So if precious Adam Lambert wins, I hope he’s able to squeeze out that obligated album/single and then move on to the good stuff. The girls (Kelly & Carrie) were able to do it…

    And your little babe is so stinking cute! Look at those chubby cheeks! I wanna pinch. 😉

  3. You’re writing again! yeah! It takes time to eek out those minutes at the computer. Nothing is more challenging than trying to be creative while raising young children.
    I love LOVE that little pic of little man. He’s so precious! Do you kiss him constantly? 🙂

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