Excerpt Monday: Surfacing

It’s Excerpt Monday at Romance Divas and this week I’m playing along! Here’s an excerpt from my latest novella, Surfacing:

The heat of his stare bores through me. When I refilled his drink he made it a point to let his fingers graze mine. Every time my blood rushed. Every time it sparked a need in me I’d never experienced. Some dormant part of my soul awoke with each innocent touch until I wanted more—needed more. An addict, that’s what I’d become. I awoke in the morning with his silver bullet eyes in my mind and wasn’t content until I arrived at the diner after school and had that first brush of his fingertips against my skin. He always looked to gauge my reaction. I never let on just how alive I became with every touch. But he knew. Somehow, he always knew.
I refused to speak until I could make sense of what he said to me. Still, no matter how hard I tried to understand, I couldn’t wrap my head around it. “What are you studying anyway?” I’d asked him, wanting an answer to my growing frustration. Why wouldn’t he kiss me? Or ask me on a date? I knew he wanted to. But his studies, he always said, his research came first. “Tell me,” I begged. “If it’s the reason we can’t be together I want to know.” He said just one word. One simple, life-altering word. “You.”

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Warning! I have not screened these excerpts myself. Please bear in mind that some authors have provided a rating for their excerpts which may contain language or content that is not typical of this blog.

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